You Might Also Enjoy: Nutcracker Poinsettia Candle of Peace

Last night when I was practicing taking photos of candles, I did it with the happiness of the holidays, the promise of peace, and the hope for the new year ahead. Sadly, I post a candle pic today with a heavy heart in honor of the adults and young children who lost their lives, the […]

On this visit to Notre Dame, I tried to capture the beautiful, old church from a fresh perspective. What do you think?  Any feedback for me?  Do you have a favorite shot below? Notre Dame Photo #1.  A view of the cathedral from the walkway down by the Seine. Notre Dame Photo #2.  A shot […]

This church, originally built in 1917 in Hardin, Montana by Lutheran Volga German immigrants, is now part of the Big Horn County Historical Museum.  Back in its day, my Better Half’s father received his confirmation in this church.  The year was 1939.  After studying for the sacrament for nearly two years in German, as was common […]

This week’s theme is light and how we see it.  I thought last week’s theme was as hard as it could possibly get.  I was wrong.  Here are the things I tried on my way to what I submitted… …my nightstand lamp with my Kindle and coaster at the ready. …the sunset behind the hill […]