It’s been about a month since Canyon showed up on my blog, so…

I caught our big, orange tom cat, Canyon, in the middle of a yawn as he transitioned from a nap to a meal (and then another nap).  I aspire to be him one day…

I have been working on improving my photography skills through this blog longer than I’ve had my big, orange tom cat, Canyon.  He made his debut in June 2012 and has been featured off and on since then with my youngest daughter, in sweet poses with Calista, and while misbehaving.  Looking back at the photos of […]

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But isn’t Kansas fairly flat?   Oh, please read on… Our pumpkin kitty has a brother who is a tuxedo cat.  Apparently his black and white markings made it look like he was truly dressed up in a tuxedo, so his foster family named him Grand.  Once that was all settled, they tried to come […]

Although this snow fell a few days before Christmas, there is still a bit left on the ground.  And we did have a few flurries earlier.  Thank goodness we’ve already had more moisture this winter than last year!  Since he was just born last spring, this is Canyon‘s first experience with snow.  He seemed pretty […]