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As our day at Point Lobos was coming to an end, we saw this mother and child sea otters snuggled together in Whaler’s Cove.  Sea Otters hang out by kelp forests, snacking on sea urchins and sometimes wrapping themselves in kelp while sleeping to keep from drifting away.  Because the sea otters blend in so […]

We encountered soooooo many harbor seals on our hike at Point Lobos.  Here are three of my favorites.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? Harbor Seal Photo #1.  Catching a nap on a rock. Harbor Seal Photo #2.  “Smiling” for the camera. Harbor Seal Photo #3.  Ugh!  It’s the chick with […]

Another beautiful scene from Point Lobos near Carmel, California.   You Might Also Enjoy: Other Monterey Posts Other Ocean Posts

Of all the beautiful places at Point Lobos, I think the beautiful, hidden China Beach was my favorite.  Here are three shots of China Beach, plus a bonus pic. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite below? China Beach Photo #1.  It almost looks like the Blue Lagoon from this angle.   China […]