The farm at Chateau du Chenonceau includes Catherine de Medici‘s stables and a substantial vegetable and flower garden.  A large, 16th Century building at the entrance of the garden is now a floral workshop in which two full-time florists work year round to ensure fresh flower arrangements are ever-present in every room of the chateau. […]

As you exit Chateau du Chenonceau, you are faced with two options:  Diane de Poitier’s garden to your right or Catherine de Medici‘s garden to your left.  Diane de Poitier’s garden has more than one hundred types of hibiscus flowers that bloom in the summer and terrace walls covered with climbing roses.  Catherine de Medici’s […]

Is it just me, or does the Chanel logo from the early 1900s look an awful lot like the interlocking “C’s” that Catherine de Medici used as her insignia in the 1500s?  Well, you know, minus the crown?  Here it is carved into an ornate fireplace mantel in the Chateau de Chenonceau. You Might Also Enjoy: […]