As a friend recently asked, “What is it about December that brings out the ‘year in review recaps’ and ‘predictions’ in all of us?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do feel myself being sucked in.  Because the “A to Z” series I incorporated into my 365+1 photo blogging project has been so well received, I thought I’d […]

The Chambord Chapel was built before the castle.  It was founded by Louis XIV and dedicated to St. Louis.  Today, only the walls remain from the original structure as the rest of the church was completely renovated by the Earl of Chambord in 1850. This shot of the main altar through the carved fleur-de-lis on […]

On the grounds of the Chateau de Chambord is the mairie or City Hall.  I loved this window shot with a portion of the building reflected in the glass.  It might possibly be my last window shot from my two weeks in France, but I’m not entirely sure.  There might be more.  I’m kind of […]

Almost as large and amazing as the castle are its grounds.  More than 13,000 acres of wooded park land and a game reserve surround the Chateau de Chambord, enclosed by a 20 mile wall.  I loved the sight of these bicycles propped up against a tree on the castle grounds during lunchtime. You Might Also […]

The Chateau de Chambord is the largest castle in the Loire Valley.  It was built as a hunting lodge for King Francois I, in part to be near his mistress th Comtesse de Thoury who lived at the Chateau de Muides nearby, but was never completed.   Instead Francois I maintained his royal residences at […]