No matter how passive/aggressive the spring, I can count on the parsley, sage, and oregano to return in my garden.  I can also count on these pretty purple weeds.  Thankfully I was able to get most of them pulled and the soil tilled with the hope of getting good stuff into the garden before much […]

I shot this clover flower with Lake Lenexa in the background while on a walk at dusk this past week.  Yes, it’s essentially a weed among the rest of the prairie grasses that are dry and suffering from the relentless, triple digit heat and no rain.  However, I found something beautiful about it among the […]

More photos from the meadow on the hill, this time as the moon was rising in the east and the sun was setting in the west.  At sunset on the hill, if I sink into the tall grass (and play the wave ap on my smart phone) I almost feel as if I’m sitting by […]

Sofia and I have tried to take evening walks in the meadow near our house as often as possible this summer.  She’s been dragging a camera along just like mom, and I loved this shot of her capturing a clover. You Might Also Enjoy: Monkey See, Monkey Do Brown Bagging It