With two times more cows than people, it is easy to find a pasture full of cows in Kansas, whether you speed through the state on I-70 or take the more scenic backroads. On Today’s Date in the Past: One Thing, Three Ways:  Pink Tulip Sure, I’ll Take Two! Turtle in a Cobra Pose Fountains […]

I take a ridiculous number of photos of cows.  On my site I have snapped and shared photos of French cows, Dutch cows, and cows around the US.  I have snapped and shared photos of cows in the spring and photos of cows in the fall.  So no trip to Ellis County, the heart of […]

The Dutch cows seem that much more amazing to me thanks to the uber green grass and fall foliage. Plus also, I needed a break from bicycles… You Might Also Enjoy: One Thing, Three Ways:  Cows in the Fall Giverny:  Cow

It’s hard to believe I haven’t taken (or shared) a photo of an American cow in nearly four months.  Of course there was this French vache in Giverny, but otherwise, it’s been a slow couple of months here at ShutterbugSage.com with respect to cow photos. Let me make it up to you with three of […]

This coming Friday I’m headed to Montana with my Beloved to visit the in-laws.  I absolutely love Montana in the summer and cannot wait to take photos all day every day during our trip.  In order to prepare for what is sure to be a ridiculous number of photo opportunities with cows, here are a […]