A bird sits on a wire rope above Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza. You Might Also Enjoy: Great Blue Heron.  I think. Feeding the Ducks While Looking for Ducklings…

Walking along Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza, I loved the way the trees and buildings reflected in the water while the light off of the water reflected on the underside of the bridge. You Might Also Enjoy: Sure, I’ll Take Two! Walking by Brush Creek

I saw this pterodactyl-looking bird hanging out on Brush Creek on the Country Club Plaza.  You might remember that I am not very good at identifying animals beyond their most basic names (like bird), but thanks a recent post of beautiful Great Blue Heron shots by fellow photoblogger H. J. Ruiz over at Avian 101, I […]

Along Ward Parkway on the Country Club Plaza, two, six-foot tall bronze Chinese Warriors guard the entrance to the Sister Cities International Bridge.  The Chinese Warriors are bronze replicas of two concrete figures donated to Kansas City by Sister City X’ian, China when the bridge was commemorated in 2000.  The Bridge is a pedestrian walkway over Brush […]

Try as I might, I have had a hard time finding baby ducks to photograph here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA.  On a recent duck hunting trip to Lake Lenexa, the mating pair was having Date Night and left the “kids” at home.  I checked all the usual locations along the Indian Creek on a recent walk and was about to […]

While I appreciate the amazing street photography shots I see posted by my fellow photobloggers, like Cornelia at StrassenFotoJournal and Photobach, I struggle to have the confidence to frame up and shoot what I see without feeling like a stalker.  Here’s one shot I was able to sneak in at the Plaza earlier this week.  Tips, […]

On a long walk along the Indian Creek trail, I was able to walk through the woods and get down next to the water where this mama duck was swimming. Which shot is your favorite? Mama Duck #1 Mama Duck #2. Mama Duck #3. Further down the creek some male mallards were hanging out together, […]