These quail run all over the Sonoran Desert and are pretty darn cool, but they are awfully hard to capture with a camera.  While this isn’t the best framed, crispest photo I’ve ever taken, I love that I captured a matched set of a male (front) and female (behind). You Might Also Enjoy: Other Sonoran […]

Don’t get me wrong, I love an opportunity to escape the cold and visit Phoenix in the winter, but at the end of the day, I prefer green to brown, flowers to cacti.  So it wasn’t much of a surprise that I immediately fell for calliandra, or fairy dusters, at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  Fairy […]

I’ve always thought it was weird that the plural of cactus is cacti, just like hippopotami is the word for more than one hippopotamus and octopi is the word for more than one octopus.  At least with the dialect of English spoken in the US, it appears that “-es” is growing as an acceptable version for plurals of […]

The curve-billed thrasher is native to the Sonoran Desert where it roosts in cactus and dines on insects, seeds, and berries.  This one let me get nice and close before it picked a blossom off of a golden barrel cactus and flew away. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Sonoran Desert Posts Other Cactus Posts One […]

The Golden Barrel Cactus is even cooler that the Barrel Cactus because, well, it’s golden!  Despite being one of the most popular cacti in cultivation, it’s extremely rare and critically endangered in the wild. You Might Also Enjoy: Cactus and Contrast One Thing, Three Ways:  Saguaro Cactus One Thing, Three Ways:  Purple Prickly Pear