My last day in Lisbon, Portugal, I had three hours to see as much of the city as I could before my flight.  I’m not sure what building this was or where I was in town, but this doorway it is a great example of the amazing architecture I saw during those three hours. On […]

While Leonardo DaVinci may have enjoyed secret passageways that connected King Francois I‘s castle to his home at Clos Luce so he could travel between the two places unnoticed, we had to use the cobblestone streets.  At least our journey included a view of this gorgeous, half-timbered house, this beautiful window, and the cool, old […]

I’m trying so hard to get through all of my favorite photos from France earlier this month before September turns into October and before I cross the Atlantic again.  I’m about halfway through my photos from Chateau d’Amboise and still have several more castles to go. Here are three of my favorite doorway pics from […]