While I love the mournful coos of mourning doves, a bird that seems to be very prevalent in and around Phoenix, I often wonder if the locals find them as commonplace or even annoying as robins here in the Midwest or seagulls along the coast. I captured an awful lot of photos of them during […]

Mourning doves appear to be to Phoenix what pigeons are to Paris.  They are everywhere!  I love their soulful sounds and appreciate that they are generally less skittish than many other birds allowing me both more time and a closer proximity to take photos.  I caught this guy “mid fluff” as he freshened up on […]

While I was denied the chance to watch the eggs hatch in the tree in our front yard, here at my sister’s house in Phoenix, a pair of turtle doves has a perpetual nest of eggs in one of the palm trees in their back yard.  You might also know the bird as a mourning dove, […]