A few more images of the impact the drought has had here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA from a recent walk through Shawnee Mission Park. Drought Photo #1.  Crispy leaves hang from a tree overlooking what’s left of a stream. Drought Photo #2.  The water levels are down significantly in every body of water.  Smaller streams and creeks are […]

On a recent walk around Lake Lenexa, I was frustrated that there wasn’t much to photograph. The water levels continue to drop due to the drought, and there is hardly a water bird to be found.  No ducks, no herons.  There wasn’t anyone fishing or boating on the lake, and a local high school cross-country […]

Although the temperatures are still relentlessly hot, Ben and I headed out for a trail walk around Nelson Island under what’s left of the shriveled up trees this past weekend.  I shot these photos of him as we left the trail to peer down at the Kansas River from the top of the bluff. What […]