I take a ridiculous number of photos of cows.  On my site I have snapped and shared photos of French cows, Dutch cows, and cows around the US.  I have snapped and shared photos of cows in the spring and photos of cows in the fall.  So no trip to Ellis County, the heart of […]

Where trees were scarce, native limestone was abundant on the Great Plains where the Volga Germans settled in America.  The native limestone in this region is close to the surface and usually uniform in thickness.  It is soft enough to split and shape when freshly quarried but hardens with exposure to the air.  Limestone was […]

Before white settlers arrived in Kansas, there were an estimated 20 million buffalo roaming the Great Plains.  Native Americans hunted the buffalo for food, clothing, housing, and other essential items.  As the first settlers, followed by the railroads, arrived in territorial Kansas they over-hunted and purposely sought to exterminate the buffalo herds.  Today buffalo, the […]

Every other year, my grandfather’s family gathers for a four generation family reunion over the Memorial Day weekend.  The event alternates between the larger metropolitan area of Kansas City and the old family farmstead out in Western Kansas.  This year the reunion was in Western Kansas. The area where my grandparents and parents grew up […]