As long as I’m setting foot in Amsterdam, my first stop will always be a bee line to frites with mayonnaise and curry.  Later in the three week trip I had a five hour layover in Amsterdam, and I had a few more servings of frites again then. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Frites Posts […]

A shop selling French fries right across from Town Hall in Maastricht. You Might Also Enjoy: Amsterdam:  First Stop?  Frites! The Cure for a Very Stressful Week Maastricht:  Stumbling Across a Wedding

If you’ve never had the chance to visit the Netherlands, let me give you the best advice you’ll ever get:  try the frites.  Be sure to get them with mayonnaise (it’s not like American mayo) and curry (it’s not like Indian curry).  They are simply awesome!  Or, as the Dutch say, lekker! You Might Also […]

Stress eating isn’t good for you.  That said, I’ve been known to stress eat from time-to-time.  Cheetos.  Chocolate.  But when things are ridiculously stressful, it’s time to quit messing around and get serious.  That’s when I let myself indulge in a stroopwafel. For anyone not familiar with the Dutch treats, they are very thin wafel […]