No sport is more American than baseball!  While Kansas City is extremely proud of their Royals, I also love the intimacy, convenience, and affordability of attending a T-Bones game right up the street from home, so that decided which baseball game we’d treat our Belgian exchange student to during her three weeks with us!

Bryant Park may be a famous place to sit outside, enjoy the scenery, and play games, but they’re not the only option in America.  This is one of the checkerboards built into a table at the Yerba Buena Park in San Francisco. On Today’s Date in the Past: Addicted to Fashion Heroes You Might Also […]

My son recently received a Rubik’s Cube in a holiday gift exchange with one of his after-school clubs.  He is so excited to have this new toy that he reminds me a bit of our Golden Retriever.  He “tosses” the Cube to one of us to mix it up for him.  Then he “retrieves” it, solves […]