One of the things I noticed while walking through the French Quarter is that there is live music everywhere!  This group that could easily march in Mardi Gras parades together was just outside my hotel as I started my walk.  Because purple and gold are synonymous with New Orleans, I pulled those out and converted everything […]

I realize this post is right on the heels of my May Wildflowers post, but these daisies captured on a walk yesterday evening were too beautiful not to share right away. What do you think?  Do you have a favorite shot below? Daisy Photo #1. Daisy Photo #2.  Daisy Photo #3.  You Might Also Enjoy: […]

The elegant entrance to the Halls Department Store on the Country Club Plaza. You Might Also Enjoy: Girl with Pigeon Horse and Buggy on the Country Club Plaza Union Station, Kansas City

This week’s 52 Week Photo Project theme is Abstract.  I had ten minutes to think about and snap my photo submission, so I did a close up of this wire bathtub thingy I keep extra hand towels folded up in on the counter of my half bath.  You Might Also Enjoy: Project 52, Week 8:  […]