I can’t believe that January is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y over.  While time usually feels like it’s flying by, the first month of 2013 feels like it lasted for three months.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the first month of this new 365 project. Here are some of my favorite pics from January (click […]

Although the temperatures are still relentlessly hot, Ben and I headed out for a trail walk around Nelson Island under what’s left of the shriveled up trees this past weekend.  I shot these photos of him as we left the trail to peer down at the Kansas River from the top of the bluff. What […]

…courtesy of my Golden Retriever, Ben, who proudly let me snap a pic of him with his favorite toy. You Might Also Enjoy: Ducks in a Row Running Through the Tall Grass

The tall grass off to the side of the trail we followed on our long walk this afternoon was the same color as our Golden Retriever, Ben.  With my amateur photography skills and “starter” camera, it was hard to capture him running toward me in the tall grass as I’d hoped.  (For example, the top half […]