When the former Czechoslovakia was under Communist rule, western pop music was banned to the point that musicians were jailed for playing it. The authorities were especially against John Lennon’s songs because they were about a freedom that didn’t exist behind the Iron Curtain.  When John Lennon was murdered in 1980, the pacifist youth of Prague […]

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When I saw Edith Levy’s photos of Graffiti Alley last month, the obscure location was immediately placed on my “must see” list.  Lucky for me, one month later, I was in the beautiful city of Toronto for the first time for a business trip to meet with a vendor.  Better yet:  Graffiti Alley is a […]

Usually I get irritated when I have to stop and wait at a train crossing, but this time I was on a leisurely errand to the garden center and saw it as a photo opportunity, especially while this awesome A Little Graffiti and Wine post from Kyzmit fresh in my mind. What do you think?  […]