All of the rain we’ve received here in the Midwest this summer has resulted in the most lush, green meadows full of wildflowers.  This calf standing in a field near Manhattan, Kansas was awfully cute! On Today’s Date in the Past: One Thing, Three Ways:  Scenes from a Tide Pool Jellies

One of the plants that intrigued me most at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park was the pitcher plant.  I’d never heard of the carnivorous plants before, but when I thought of the possibility of a plant that could attract and eat all of the mosquitoes and ticks that are so bad here in the […]

Things have been a bit rocky in my garden this year.  To make way for a lovely, new fence, the old fence was torn down.  The usually reliable Liquid Fence failed me (probably because of all the rain we’ve had), and the rabbits and deer had a field day.  All of my spring veggies are gone: […]

My namesake is starting to flower, and it is gorgeous! On Today’s Date in the Past: Our “Orchard” Happy Mother’s Day!