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When I started the Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos series, I had two thoughts: Holy cow, I have so many shots I love of bridges, how will I ever pick the ones I want to share on my blog? This is going to be an insanely busy week at work. So I thought I’d pick […]

Almost more than the bridge, I love how this photo captures the promise of Spring.  Patches of grass are morphing from grey to green.  The tiniest of buds on the trees show up as a light green gauze in the background.  Words cannot adequately express how excited I am to see the dull greys of […]

So to be honest, at this point, I can’t remember which path this bridge was on.  But, I do love this picture none-the-less. You Might Also Enjoy: A Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos:  Day Three A Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos:  Day Two A Ridiculous Number of Bridge Photos:  Day One

This is the only bridge photo in the seven-day spread that was taken from down below by the water.  While my Golden Retriever frolicked in the water that was much deeper behind me on the right, the sun rising through the trees behind me made the scene just gorgeous. You Might Also Enjoy: Running Through the […]