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May saw the start of my Fountains of Kansas City and Sculptures of Kansas City pages.  On two different occasions, I took a full day to run around town and capture as many fountains and statues as I could.  While I’ve not yet posted all of the photos I’ve taken, it’s become clear to me just how many […]

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This week’s theme for my 52 Week Project is “Jump” so I thought I’d share these images of my littlest puddle jumper. You Might Also Enjoy: After the Rain Project 52, Week 19: Shoes Project 52, Week 18: Shadows

For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to capture photos of my muses kids leaping into the air in anticipation of Leap Day tomorrow.  One failed attempt ended up being one of my favorite shots of the month.  On the eve of Leap Day 2012, here is my runner-up shot.  Stay tuned for my favorite […]