The last place I lived when I was a college student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas (back in a year that started with a 1) was near the Sunset Zoo. My long, mind-clearing walks would often take me through the zoo which was not much more than some native birds and a bobcat or two. […]

As the Twinners start their senior year of college, we’ve made several trips to Kansas State in Manhattan recently.  In addition to visiting Varsity Donuts in Aggieville, they always have to stop in at The Dusty Bookshelf to say hello to the cat. On Today’s Date in the Past: Watermelon Eating Contest Purple Coneflower

Tonight my alma mater is playing in the 42nd Annual Fiesta Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona.  A few years ago, my middle daughter made me this picture of a black cat standing on a snowy hill looking out into a deep purple background.  She painted the snow and background and then applied the black cat using torn paper.  It hangs in […]