Calista and Canyon, although about a year apart, act a lot like littermates.  They pounce on each other, nap together, and occasionally groom each other.  I caught Canyon cleaning Cali’s ears and thought it was worth sharing. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Calista Posts Other Canyon Posts

Meet Einstein.  He loves boxes.  This week he’s taken over the box that Gatorade comes in at Costco. What about you?  Do you have a favorite shot below?  Do you know a cat that loves boxes like this? Einstein Photo #1.  Einstein getting settled into the Gatorade box, sniffing in my camera’s general direction. Einstein […]

I hope I am not posting too many pet pics, but this was too cute not to share.  Here is our kitten, Canyon, catching a few zzzzzzs after playing hard on his kitty condo with his ball. You Might Also Enjoy: Sofia and Canyon More Canyon Meet Canyon

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It’s not hard to understand why family farms continue to disappear across America.  It’s hard work, REALLY hard work, and it’s ridiculously expensive to get started.  One of the only ways that folks seem to be making it in farming today is when family farms are passed down from generation to generation.  But even then, […]