Politics and parties aside, visiting all of the Presidential Libraries is on my Photo Bucket List, so we had to make the Carter Presidential Library & Museum part of our trip to Atlanta.  In a tradition started by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, beginning with President Herbert Hoover, there are currently 13 Presidential Libraries.  Three down, ten to […]

We had to take our 16-year-old Belgian guest to the library and museum of the most famous US President from Missouri.  (Nevermind that he is the only President from Missouri!)  Having mostly studied World War II from a European perspective, I think she enjoyed learning about his role in World War II and how the experience differed […]

Tonight I took my son to a lecture at the Main Public Library Downtown.  A former co-worker just published a book about Winston Churchill’s famous Iron Curtain speech delivered 66 years ago from right here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, and I thought my son would enjoy hearing his presentation.  As we made our way up five flights of […]