Bringing my photos from Zoo Atlanta in for a landing, here is one last post.  Yes, I could have included them in my Zoo Atlanta Review post, but there were already a lot of other photos in that post.  Plus, how could a girl currently trapped living in Kansas miss an opportunity to leverage a Wizard of […]

With mothers who were later diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus, these guys were neutered as young cubs to ensure they don’t pass the condition along to offspring.  Because they were so young when it happened, these males didn’t develop the thick, gorgeous manes that usually separate the males from females. Here are three photos of the […]

And with the Kansas City Royals’ World Series Victory Parade behind us, I return to my photos of Budapest from September.  Hopefully I’ll be through them and the other recent photos before I travel again later this month… Budapest developed from two Bulgarian military frontier fortresses — Buda and Pest — situated on the two banks […]

I hope you are enjoying my photos from Paris, because over the course of the two weeks I was in France, I took thousands of shots.  I’ve already posted nearly two week’s worth of images on this site.  On the flight home yesterday, I spent eight hours sorting through the images, organizing and prepping just […]