Any time the sun peeks out and there’s a break in all the rain we’ve received, it seems like every creature rushes to soak in the sun, including this turtle and duck cooling their heels on a log in the middle of Lake Lenexa. On Today’s Date in the Past: Waiting for My Wish to […]

A pond slider suns himself on a log at the Riparian Preserve

This gorgeous, old log cabin is south of Laurel, Montana.  Seeing it beyond a huge field of still green wheat and beneath this beautiful blue sky made me feel as if I was taken back in time to a real-life Dances with Wolves. Forget barns, my new obsession just might be log cabins… You Might Also […]

Just some crazy, cool-looking bug I encountered in the woods on the Indian Creek trail.   Anyone know what it is? You Might Also Enjoy: I Went All the Way to Miami… The Itsy Bitsy Spider Cleaning Out the Fridge (Figuratively, Not Literally)