As a friend recently asked, “What is it about December that brings out the ‘year in review recaps’ and ‘predictions’ in all of us?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do feel myself being sucked in.  Because the “A to Z” series I incorporated into my 365+1 photo blogging project has been so well received, I thought I’d […]

In addition to his Rush Hour  piece in the sculpture garden at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, pop artist George Segal also has Chance Meeting on display. While Segal started his art career as a painter, he is most known for his life-size figures usually modeled from people close to him.  For example, the woman in heels […]

I can’t recall the name of this piece in the hallway of the Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, but it was an awfully cool piece with fluorescent orange paint applied to one side of white, geometric shapes of varying designs and then affixed to a white wall. You Might Also Enjoy: Other […]

This work of acrylic and glitter on paper affixed to unstretched canvas on display at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is an amazing elegy to the Civil Rights Movement.  And after recently reading The Help, an emotional connection to that period of American history was top-of-mind. You can hear what the experts at the Nelson-Atkins […]

While this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and the latest No Doubt video are being roasted for their cultural insensitivity to Native Americans,  this pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is on display in the Nelson-Atkins Museum’s American Indian Art Collection. They were designed by Hawaiian-born artist Jamie Okuma who beaded them with glass and 24k […]