Just about everyone who visits New York dreams of seeing Times Square, all its neon lights and the energy of the crowds.  Not me.  I find it to be everything plastic and processed in America packaged up and served on a blinking platter.  But since I was staying on the cusp of Times Square and […]

My youngest daughter got a new pair of “Twinkle Toes” tennis shoes this weekend and wanted to wear them on our trail walk.  They are bright and colorful, and the toes light up when she walks.  They also match the neon bandaid covering a bug bite from a different trail walk earlier in the week. […]

My daughter was in her school’s performance of Alice in Wonderland this weekend.  After the final show Saturday night, the paper mache, neon-painted psychedelic mushrooms used during the Wonderland scenes were off to the side of the stage.  I thought they’d be a great Photograph of the Day.