After another set of strong storms hit, we once again pulled the ladder across the front yard and peeked into the nest.  While we held our breath and hoped to see that the last egg had hatched, we saw simply an empty nest. On my last post, Finn over at The Naturephile said that squirrels are […]

At least every other day, we’ve been dragging the ladder across the yard and climbing up to peek into the nest.  Two days ago, there were still two of the three original eggs in the nest.  But today, there was just one egg left. Anyone have any thoughts on what’s causing the eggs to mysteriously […]

As April draws to a close, I’m excited to see that the traffic to my site is now more than double any previous month.  From a development standpoint, that means I’m getting more and more feedback — from other amateurs and professionals alike — that is helping me develop my skills.  Even better than that are […]

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I’ve been pretty busy traveling to both Dallas and Miami in the past week and a half since Easter.  But now that I’m back here Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA, I dragged the ladder out of the garage and around the front of the house to the tree with the bird’s nest to check in on the eggs tonight. […]