“I hate fake people.” “Yeah, mannequins freak me out, too.” A row of cookie cutter mannequins at a shop in the Garment District of New York that look like the Robert Palmer Girls, just more colorfully dressed. And more stationary. You Might Also Enjoy: Other New York Posts Big Debut

Outside the New York fire station for Engine #26 are three framed photos of heroes who were lost a decade ago on September 11th.  Below it is this sign, complete with lipstick kisses that one might assume are from their loved ones:  mothers, aunts, wives, and girlfriends.  As I looked at each “kiss”, I thought […]

Like other major cities around the world, it takes a bit of effort to find a room that’s clean, safe, bigger than a hamster’s cage, and not $500 per night in New York City.  My room is surprisingly spacious, very clean, and just five blocks away from my meetings.  The view is a bit limited, […]

It’s been reported that lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, so it’s not surprising that getting enough sleep is one of  The Skinny Rules.  Between four kids, a job, a house, and a desire to get as much as possible out of every day on earth, I often find myself not getting eight hours […]

The trip to Paris was a bit hectic.  It took four hours longer than it should  have to get to New York.  Once there, my co-workers and I had to collect our suitcases and boxes of work items, drag them out to the curb, and take a cab across New York to Kennedy airport.  Since […]