With two times more cows than people, it is easy to find a pasture full of cows in Kansas, whether you speed through the state on I-70 or take the more scenic backroads. On Today’s Date in the Past: One Thing, Three Ways:  Pink Tulip Sure, I’ll Take Two! Turtle in a Cobra Pose Fountains […]

Now that I’m finally through my photos from our trip to San Francisco last August, I’m tackling a folder of random shots I took last Fall including this one of a young calf that I took while traveling the smaller highways about an hour east of Kansas City. On Today’s Date in the Past: Wordless […]

It’s hard to believe I haven’t taken (or shared) a photo of an American cow in nearly four months.  Of course there was this French vache in Giverny, but otherwise, it’s been a slow couple of months here at ShutterbugSage.com with respect to cow photos. Let me make it up to you with three of […]

Although we knew better, we visited Versailles on a Saturday.  The place was packed and the parking lot was completely full.  We finally found a parking place on a side road on the far west side of the Versailles estate, but that location required us to walk nearly the circumference of the estate to enter […]

It’s not hard to understand why family farms continue to disappear across America.  It’s hard work, REALLY hard work, and it’s ridiculously expensive to get started.  One of the only ways that folks seem to be making it in farming today is when family farms are passed down from generation to generation.  But even then, […]