Last year, I planted six fruit trees on the east side of our yard — one pair each of apple, cherry, and peach.  I started calling it our “orchard,” and Better Half rolls his eyes every time.  I’m so excited because the trees are mature enough this year for us to eat the fruit (rather […]

I’ve been wanting to add fruit trees to our yard for some time and finally got two peach, two cherry, and two apple trees planted.  I refer to the six, new trees as “our orchard” which usually results in a massive eye roll from Better Half. Here’s a shot of one of the cherry trees. […]

I recently had a chance to experience the Overland Park Arboretum and all its glory.  As a result, I bring you a ridiculous number of butterfly photos… How am I doing?  Any tips or tricks to share when it comes to capturing busy insects?  Do you have a favorite below? Butterfly Photo #1. Butterfly Photo […]

This will be the last in my flurry of posts tonight.  I got a bit behind after the big dance recital this past weekend, and I wanted to get everything caught up, except it’s well after midnight and I’m starting to fade.  Plus also?  I am flying to New Orleans for work tomorrow and I wanted […]