It’s been about a month since Canyon showed up on my blog, so…

In this post I mentioned that we recently became a foster family with Kitty City Kansas, a local cat and kitten rescue organization.  Jack, a vivacious pumpkin kitten, was our first foster to get adopted.  He was the spitting image of Canyon, and the two of them really enjoyed their time together.  More than once they […]

But isn’t Kansas fairly flat?   Oh, please read on… Our pumpkin kitty has a brother who is a tuxedo cat.  Apparently his black and white markings made it look like he was truly dressed up in a tuxedo, so his foster family named him Grand.  Once that was all settled, they tried to come […]

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I have made three business trips abroad to Europe in the past seven weeks, spending nearly a month total in the beautiful “old world.”  While I’ve still been able to post photos daily, the time and energy that kind of business travel requires has reduced my ability to continue to faithfully post my photos on […]