With three teenagers in the house (14-year-old boy/girl twins and a 13-year-old daughter), you’d expect there to be a lot of drama.  Hey, there are days, but this is the good kind of drama:  my daughter “lettered” in Drama as a freshman at her high school this year.  This is a huge accomplishment that took […]

I’m not ashamed to admit that I suddenly find myself spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  Waiting for my morning coffee to finish brewing?  Pinterest.  In the waiting room at the orthodontist?  Pinterest.  Walking up the stairs at work?  Um, not yet, but it could happen! One project that caught my eye was the […]

A quick “real-time” departure from the photos I’m working through from my last trip to Europe a few weeks ago… This week I was in Florida at a conference where my team was up for an award.  Unfortunately we lost, but it was still such an honor to be a finalist (for the second year […]