Similar to my “A Tale of Two Blue Jays” post, this post is the tale of two pineapple plants. This pineapple plant was shot with my old camera at Powell Gardens. And the pineapple plant image below was taken with my new camera, at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, as I work […]

I hope I’m not the only person living in a non-tropical environment who was surprised to learn that pineapples grow on plants, not trees.  I have no idea why I thought they grew on trees like coconuts and bananas, but I did. Here’s a photo of a pineapple plant in a greenhouse at Powell Gardens. […]

After an all day training session in our Dutch office, we were on to Paris!  We took the high-speed Thalys train from Schiphol to Gare du Nord and arrived at the hotel in the middle of the afternoon.  After a very late lunch, two of my co-workers and I had about an hour of rapidly […]