Perhaps this seed organizer caught your eye on Pinterest or over at Better Homes & Gardens, as it did mine. It looked easy enough, which is good since I couldn’t really find any step-by-step instructions online anywhere. With Mother Nature teasing me with a warm, sunny day a few times a week and March 21st […]

One of my favorite things to do with an empty wine bottle is to turn it into a candle.  (Of course, my favorite thing to do with a full wine bottle is to turn it into an empty wine bottle!) I like to save up a good supply of bottles, and then set aside time […]

UPDATE: Please visit my new blog, Everyday Wanderer, for more posts like this going forward. I have a lot of wallet-sized photos I want to display and only so much fridge space.  I also have a lot of wine corks.  Look at the chocolate-meets-peanut-butter-goodness that came out of putting the two together! Cork Board Photo #1.   A […]

I’m not ashamed to admit that I suddenly find myself spending a lot of time on Pinterest.  Waiting for my morning coffee to finish brewing?  Pinterest.  In the waiting room at the orthodontist?  Pinterest.  Walking up the stairs at work?  Um, not yet, but it could happen! One project that caught my eye was the […]

My daughter wanted to create a 2013 memory jar, so we decorated this large mason jar earlier this week.  The jar is sitting on our kitchen table, and as 2013 unfolds we will add special moments on scraps of paper.  On New Year’s Eve 2013, we’ll relive the special moments that we experienced in 2013. […]