My youngest (age 5) finally got up the courage to jump off of the diving board.  And now she won’t stop!

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The Sixty-Ninth Street Fountain is a simple pedestal fountain that’s been on Ward Parkway since the 1930s.  The fountain wasn’t running, so I tried to frame the fountain with the flowers in front and get in close. You Might Also Enjoy: Fountains of Kansas City:  Meyer Circle Fountain Fountains of Kansas City:  Merriam Visitors Bureau Fountain […]

I took the day off on Monday and spent eight hours running around town capturing fountains, sculptures, and anything else that caught my eye.  I couldn’t have been happier! This is the Romany Fountain located at Ward Parkway and Romany Drive.  It’s a relatively non-descript fountain and doesn’t appear to receive the same love and […]