This week’s theme for my 52 Week Project is “Shadows.”   Walking behind my youngest daughter on our hunt for ducklings, I captured this while she played with her shadow. You Might Also Enjoy: Project 52, Week 16:  How Do You Get from Point A to B? Project 52, Week 12:  Up on a Shelf Project […]

This week’s assignment for LensProToGo’s 52 Week Photo Project is Your Favorite Thing.  I have been thinking about this assignment since I first saw all of the January themes at the beginning of the month, and I think it’s the hardest theme of the month.  It’s hard, because I’m just not a “thing” person.  I mean, yes, I […]

I have decided to participate in LensProToGo’s 52 Week Photo Project this year.  More than 400 folks from around the world have signed up to post one photo each week that meets with the theme provided by LensProToGo.  As the project kicks off, this week’s theme is “A Self Portrait Without You In It.”  The idea is […]