Perhaps this seed organizer caught your eye on Pinterest or over at Better Homes & Gardens, as it did mine. It looked easy enough, which is good since I couldn’t really find any step-by-step instructions online anywhere. With Mother Nature teasing me with a warm, sunny day a few times a week and March 21st […]

In the US, a yellow ribbon tied around a tree is a symbol of love and yearning for someone who is far away.  But I’m not sure that’s what it means on this tree limb along the cross country trail at Lake Lenexa. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Yellow Posts Other Lake Lenexa Posts

A quick “real-time” departure from the photos I’m working through from my last trip to Europe a few weeks ago… This week I was in Florida at a conference where my team was up for an award.  Unfortunately we lost, but it was still such an honor to be a finalist (for the second year […]

Recently the girls and I climbed the Shawnee Mission Park Observation Tower.  Well, I went part way.  I’m terrified of heights and there were several other folks climbing the tower, too.  I could feel it moving, and I only made it up a few flights of stairs. I did come across this “love padlock” on […]

One of the many reasons I love where I work is that they send me cookies on my birthday.  My kids usually eat 11 of the 12 cookies that arrive each year, but I’m okay with that.  This is the ribbon from my beautifully-wrapped, locally-baked box of birthday cookies. You Might Also Enjoy: Wishes DO […]