Perhaps this seed organizer caught your eye on Pinterest or over at Better Homes & Gardens, as it did mine. It looked easy enough, which is good since I couldn’t really find any step-by-step instructions online anywhere. With Mother Nature teasing me with a warm, sunny day a few times a week and March 21st […]

Known for its singing, I caught this titmouse with his mouth full of food instead of tunes.  I think this image is a bit grainy, but I will keep trying!

The last time it snowed in Kansas City in May: Katharine Hepburn was about to be born, Oklahoma was just joining the US as the 46th state, and there was a crisis on Wall Street that led to a run on banks. The year was 1907, and the 106 year record was broken last week. […]

I can’t wait for the dreary greys and browns of winter to melt away into all the new colors of spring. You Might Also Enjoy: Other Winter Posts Other Spring Posts

Before I started my 365 project, I never noticed these purple wildflowers.  While I still don’t know what they’re called, I can tell you that the leaves are as sharp as they look. (I have run into several this summer, mostly while trying to capture butterflies.) And they are even kinda cool looking when they […]