At the bottom of a set of typically picturesque stairs in Montmartre sits Chez Marie, ready for the dinner crowd now that 8:00 p.m. (or should I say 20h00) has arrived. You Might Also Enjoy: Paris:  Street Scene in Montmartre Paris:  Le Chalet des Iles

I encountered this frog on a recent walk at Lake Lenexa. You Might Also Enjoy: Creepy Crawlies I Went All the Way to Miami…

In addition to Graffiti Alley, the vendor we were visiting in Toronto is also close to a thimble statue and this tape measure painting along the sidewalk in the Fashion District of Toronto. You Might Also Enjoy: Graffiti Alley in  CN Tower in Toronto

I can now cross “Walk Down Bourbon Street” off of my Bucket List.  It wasn’t actually on my Bucket List, but since I’ve done it, I think I’ll add it only to cross it off and feel a sense of accomplishment. You Might Also Enjoy: Cafe du Monde Wordless Wednesday:  Canal Street Cable Car New […]