Once the symbol of the Cold War, starkly separating the East from the West, today Checkpoint Charlie is a nothing more than a tourist attraction. Or as the Independent deemed it, “a tacky tourist trap.” That said, I still feel it is one of three important sites to visit in order to fully experience the […]

If you get up early enough in the morning, especially on a Sunday morning when most people are barely falling asleep from Saturday night’s festivities, the I AMsterdam sign by the Rijksmuseum is a lot less crowded with tourists than the other times I’ve visited it. I didn’t have my tripod with me, and I […]

…sooooooo much.  But we don’t recycle. One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling are hotels that talk about caring for the environment but don’t recycle.  If all I see is a sign like the one below, talking about how much the hotel cares about the environment by not bringing fresh towels every day, it […]

In this post I mentioned that portions of the western side of Lake Lenexa have many large trees growing deep in the water.  With snow covering most of the water in this shot, it’s hard to tell that there’s thin ice and water below, but it stretches from the sign to the depths of this […]

…how to get to Somewhere-in-the-Middle-of-the-USA? I snapped the photo below at the edge of Toronto Island.  While the concept was cute, it isn’t a very interesting photograph, and I wasn’t planning on sharing it.  However, after seeing this post of some very cool, similar photos on a fellow photoblogger’s web site, I thought I’d share it […]