After a picnic along the Yellowstone River, Father’s Day ended with a walk along the Zimmerman Trail at dusk.  The walking trail is high above Billings along the rimrocks.  While the walk is definitely less paved and more treacherous than the Mill Creek Streamway Park trails I walk frequently back home, the views are simply […]

One of the things I wanted to be sure to capture during this trip to Montana was an old barn with wildflowers in front and an amazing sky.  From my amateur’s point-of-view, I couldn’t be happier with this shot! What do you think?  Any tips or suggestions for me? You Might Also Enjoy: Old Barn […]

You Might Also Enjoy: Old Log Cabin Montana:  Getting There

We enjoyed a lovely picnic down by the Yellowstone River for Father’s Day.  Here are a three of my favorite shots of the longest undammed river in the contiguous United States. Do you have a favorite of the shots below?  Do you have any tips for me when it comes to shooting rivers?   Yellowstone River Photo #1. […]

This gorgeous, old log cabin is south of Laurel, Montana.  Seeing it beyond a huge field of still green wheat and beneath this beautiful blue sky made me feel as if I was taken back in time to a real-life Dances with Wolves. Forget barns, my new obsession just might be log cabins… You Might Also […]