Between a long Thanksgiving trip that didn’t necessarily go as planned, a hectic end-of-year schedule, and being sick for a week, I’m way, way far behind on my blog.  Let me ease back into things by giving a shout out to three special, very talented photobloggers.  Each of them is not only a gifted photographer, but also […]

A Year Ago Today: Amsterdam:  I AMsterdam Sign Amsterdam:  Pulling Over to Use the Phone One Thing, Three Ways:  Canals of Amsterdam You Might Also Enjoy: Just Me and My Shadow Project 52, Week 18:  Shadows

Quick, candid shot of Sofia while we were walking at Lake Lenexa. A Year Ago Today: Amsterdam:  House Boat Amsterdam:  Typical Street Along a Canal You Might Also Enjoy: Other Lake Lenexa Posts One Postage Stamp at a Time