Two weeks after returning home, I’m finally through my photos from Arizona.  That means it’s time to revisit cupcakes!  You may remember this cupcake shot from last week.  While it was the best of the cupcake shots with a candle, it wasn’t the best of the cupcake shots. So here are a few more. Cupcake […]

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…is Better than Two in the Bakery Box! I loved this photograph of hands holding a star Christmas ornament over at HelenOgraphy’s blog and was inspired to try a similar shot.  Since the Christmas decorations were already put away, I had to find another worthy object to be held in my oldest daughter‘s hand.  Lucky for […]

Olli Kekäläinen recently shared this gorgeous shot of what looks like a drift of snow up against a red door.  I was inspired by his shot, but couldn’t find the right patch of snow in my corner of the world.  Good thing I had a cupcake! The shot didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. […]

I’m a little late in getting this image posted, but this was a cupcake from my daughter’s birthday party.  No, I didn’t make the cupcakes, I bought them because her party was the day after I arrived home from Toronto. You Might Also Enjoy: Gigi Last Morning Walk Along Toronto Harbour