Before white settlers arrived in Kansas, there were an estimated 20 million buffalo roaming the Great Plains.  Native Americans hunted the buffalo for food, clothing, housing, and other essential items.  As the first settlers, followed by the railroads, arrived in territorial Kansas they over-hunted and purposely sought to exterminate the buffalo herds.  Today buffalo, the […]

As the fog lifted and the day warmed up to an unseasonably comfortable temperature, businesses and residences both opened windows on a lazy Sunday in late October. You Might Also Enjoy: Maastricht:  Riding Along the Maas on a Foggy Morning Paris:  Window in Paris October Flowers

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I came across the remains of this old brick and stone building along a walking trail in Shawnee Mission Park.  I’m not sure what it used to be, and a Google search was unfruitful.  However, I thought it was pretty interesting. What do you think?  Anyone know what it used to be? You Might Also […]

The first thing that caught my eye when I started checking out Toronto Island online was the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse near Hanlan’s Point, one of Toronto’s oldest surviving buildings.  When fellow photoblogger Cindy Taylor over at Photos from the Loony Bin also suggested seeing the lighthouse, I knew it was at the top of my list if my […]