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It feels like years since it’s been here! While some parts of the country are dealing with drought conditions, the Midwest has experienced a very wet spring.  The wildflowers in my garden seem as desperate for the sunshine as the rest of us living creatures.

Lake Lenexa is a 30 acre lake home to largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill fish.  Surrounding the Lake is 240 acres of walking trails surrounded by woods, streams, and wetlands.  Lucky for me, Lake Lenexa is close to the dance studio where my daughters spend a lot of time making it easy for me to […]

Taken during a morning walk along Shingle Creek. You Might Also Enjoy: Florida:  Shingle Creek Florida:  Limpkin

After a picnic along the Yellowstone River, Father’s Day ended with a walk along the Zimmerman Trail at dusk.  The walking trail is high above Billings along the rimrocks.  While the walk is definitely less paved and more treacherous than the Mill Creek Streamway Park trails I walk frequently back home, the views are simply […]