As a friend recently asked, “What is it about December that brings out the ‘year in review recaps’ and ‘predictions’ in all of us?”  I don’t know the answer, but I do feel myself being sucked in.  Because the “A to Z” series I incorporated into my 365+1 photo blogging project has been so well received, I thought I’d […]

As November draws to a close, I can’t believe there is just one month left of this year’s photo project.  I almost laugh when I think back to January 2012 when I worried about being able to find the inspiration to snap a photo every day.  Instead, I am struggling to share the photos I […]

I couldn’t identify this white flower along Shingle Creek, but thought it was gorgeous in the morning sunlight.   You Might Also Enjoy: October Flowers Giverny:  Flowers Florida:  Shingle Creek

As an American who spent nearly seven years of her childhood in Europe, I have a deep love and appreciation for both continents.  One of the things I miss most about Europe when I’m stateside is how easy it is to walk or ride your bike nearly everywhere.  Since nearly every European town predates the […]

I hope you’re not sick of my photos from the Overland Park Arboretum just yet, because there are still a few more to come.  Today I bring you Margaret’s Pond, the largest body of water at the Arboretum and an essential part of the Monet Garden.  The koi are ever-present in this part of the […]