A slightly belated Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!  As part of my celebration yesterday, my kids and I had a tea party to break in the tea set they gave me. Other Mom Related Posts: One Thing, Three Ways:  Mother and Child Sea Otters Happy Mother’s Day, 2012 Nap Time at Octomom’s House

Turkish tea, çay (pronounced chai), is a black tea which is consumed without milk.  It is an important part of the Turkish culture, offered to household and shopping guests as part of Turkish hospitality. The tea is served piping hot in small, tulip-shaped glasses.  I thought it was essential to taste the tea with a […]

While I don’t always get a chance to go inside the Louvre when I visit Paris, I always make a point at stopping at Café Marly.  The views from the terrace are amazing, especially as the sun goes down and the lights come up on the Pyramide.  It was cold and rainy the day I […]

As the sun started setting on our trail walk, and our tour of the mysterious gnome homes drew to a close, we encountered this cozy home where the elfin inhabitants appeared to be preparing to sip a nice cuppa tea by candlelight. Learn More: Crowds Drawn to Small Door in a Tree at SF’s Golden […]

“Coffee is my wake-me-up.  Tea is my hug-me-up.” ~ Sam Title You Might Also Enjoy: A Nice COLD Cuppa Other Coffee Posts