San Francisco’s iconic cable cars are the last manually operated cable cars in the world.  There are no more than 26 cable cars in operation at any time, yet they carry more than seven million passengers annually.

Just about everyone who visits New York dreams of seeing Times Square, all its neon lights and the energy of the crowds.  Not me.  I find it to be everything plastic and processed in America packaged up and served on a blinking platter.  But since I was staying on the cusp of Times Square and […]

I just had to try to capture this little girl listening intently to the self-guided audio device at Versailles while peering out of an amazing palace and onto the even more amazing gardens on a gorgeous, summer day.  I’m not sure I did all that I should have from a lighting perspective.  I’m still learning […]

Three weeks ago I set sail for headed off to Paris.  I’ve been posting a pic a day, every day, for the past three weeks.  Some days I’ve shared more than one pic.  All of the pics have been just the best of what I snapped.  Well, from my amateur perspective.  And I’m just now […]